Candidates for admission must have a Bachelor’s Degree in an honours programme or equivalent in the field of Arts, Languages or Social Sciences, and have achieved a grade average of B+ or better (or equivalent).

Generally applicants must be fluent in the languages of the countries in which they wish to study, but it IS NOT the case of Poland, as the classes at AMU are given in French, Spanish, Italian and English, so that the knowledge of Polish is not required.

For further information about entry requirements, consult the Crossways main website. Applications should be made through the Crossways website .

All incoming foreign students of AMU are requested to hold the following documents on their arrival:
1) The Bachelor’s Degree Diploma along with the apostille. The list of institutions allowed to issue an apostille is available at the website of the Hague Convetion:
NOTE: Students holding diplomas issued in countries that are not members of the Hague Convention (e.g. China, Iran, Bolivia, most African states, Canada) must have their diploma legalised at the Polish Embassy in the country of issue of the document.
2) A translation of the Diploma a) done by a Polish sworn translator entered into the list of sworn translators maintained by the Minister of Justice OR  b) confirmed by the Polish consul in the country where the diploma was issued
3) A medical certificate of no contraindication to undertake academic studies. It can be issued by a General Practitioner.
4) A sworn translation of this certificate.

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